Who is in Charge to Value Mining Sector?


When this question was asked, quickly some people answered that the assignment to do a valuation of mining sector belongs to Property Valuer. They forget one thing: the object of the valuation. Example, if the valuation object is a fixed asset, then clearly the one authorized to conduct a valuation is the Property Valuer. As for the valuation object is the mining business itself, then the authorized one is the Business Valuer. If investors want to know the value of mining for transaction purpose, first, we should ensure the object of the transaction. If the transaction is about transferring the ownership rights of the business, then it is about the equity sharing too. As simple as that. For additional, the ownership rights of the mining business are in the company. In the mining sector, mining potential cannot be traded without involving businesses and companies. An exception if the purpose of the assignment done is for tax purposes (PBB/property taxes).


Asti Widyahari
Property Valuer & Consultant